Safety of 3 to 5 Years Children

It is wonderful to see the rapid progress your child has made since he first learned to walk. You will be surprised at how quickly he has changed. The overall coordination and balance he has developed is amazing. Look how he runs with long, confident strides. See how he goes up and down the stairs without even using the handrail. Watch as your child stands on tiptoe to reach for something. See how he can whirl in a circle dancing. 

Hand coordination is not far behind. Children in this age group struggle just a bit to color inside the lines. They are learning to tie their shoelaces. They can almost throw a ball accurately. But parents must be careful. The motor skills of children at this age far exceed their judgment. Keeping a close watch on your little one is still very necessary. 

General Safety

Parents of children in this age group start to relax a little as their children are able to do more for themselves. Your child wants to be more independent. But you must be careful. Your child’s curiosity and lack of fear can get him into trouble. 

Your child might want to try to strike a match just as his daddy does while lighting the barbecue grill. 

This is the age where he may think it is fun to zoom down the driveway on a tricycle. He is not thinking about what will happen if he goes out into traffic.

You must still be very careful around water. Water is still a danger even if your child has learned to swim. 

Do not forget you must still have a state-approved booster seat in your car until your child turns 6 and weight 60 pounds. 

Do not let down your guard. Even though your child is able to deal more and more with everyday life, he still needs you. He cannot foresee danger like you can. 

—- from First5 Advice for New Parents

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