Set Limits and Milestones for 3 to 5 Years Children

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Keep in mind that testing limits is what all children do. It is perfectly normal. This can be frustrating and create stress for you but remember you have more than one way of dealing with the situation. 

  • Talk to him and explain why he shouldn’t have done what he did. 
  • Offer choices that you control. 
  • Get him interested in something else. 
  • Give him a brief time alone or time without excitement to allow him to calm down. 
  • Take something away from him that means a lot to him. For example, don’t let him watch his favorite TV show. 
  • Neve spank, hit or shake your child. This can make things worse and teaches your child that hurting people is all right. 


At 3 he can:

  • Jump in place, kick a ball.
  • Ride a tricycle.
  • Know his name, age and sex.
  • Feed and dress himself.
  • Show early imaginative behavior

At 4 she can:

  • Sing a song
  • Know about things used at home like food appliances.
  • Draw a person with three parts
  • Be aware of gender (self and others)
  • Distinguish make believe from reality
  • Give first and last name
  • Talk about her daily activities and experiences
  • Build a tower of ten blocks
  • Hop and jump on one foot
  • Ride a tricycle or bicycle with training wheels ( remember to use a bike helmet! )
  • Throw a ball overhand.

At 5 he can:

  • Dress himself without help
  • Know his address and telephone number
  • Count on his fingers
  • Copy a triangle or square
  • Draw a person with a head, body, arms and legs
  • Recognize many letters of a alphabet.
  • Print some letters
  • Play make-believe and dress-up
  • Possible skip

Talk with your doctor if your child is not doing most of these things yet. Your doctor may want to see your child to evaluate his development. 

Now is the time to spend time with your child because all the old saying are true. “They are only young once.” “They grow so fast.”

The last section of this book deals with childcare. It talks about the decisions parents face when searching for quality childcare. This is an important decision. These first 5 years are the most important of your child’s life. Remember, your choices will shape their chances. 

—- from First5 Advice for New Parents

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