Setting Limits for 1 to 2 Years Toddler

Learning Through Play

At this age, imitation is a big part of how your child is learning. You’ll see him doing many of the things you do like using a brush on her hair, babbling into the phone and turning the steering wheel. He will eagerly take part in anything that is being done around the house. He’ll want to “help” you around the house by sweeping the floor or making dinner. It’s a wonderful learning experience even though it may take longer. This is your opportunity to talk and share.

Setting Limits

It can be trying for parents as their toddlers start testing their limits. It can be even more difficult if you see it as being naughty. Toddlers are not being bad. They are only trying to understand their world and learn to be independent. You can learn to guide them. You can stay in control and show your little ones that you love them.

Tips on Setting Limits

  • First remove her from danger if she is not safe.
  • Stay as calm and consistent as you can. Do not lose your temper.
  • Get her interested in something else. Remove her from the situation.
  • Pick him up and take him to another room. Get him involved in another activity.
  • A toddler’s attention span is short. Soon he will forget the action that he was taken away from.
  • Some parents put things away that they do not want their child to play with. This is easier than always saying “no”.


If your toddler is doing something he shouldn’t get him interested in something else. It teaches him limits and self-control. You do not want to teach your child to deal with anger by hitting others. That’s what spanking is: a parent losing control.

When you feel you are losing your temper, take a few breaths and figure out how to get your child involved in something else.

Remember, your child is just beginning to learn self-control. She is not trying to annoy or embarrass you even though it may feel like that at times.

Call a relative or friend to watch your toddler for a few minutes while you calm down.

It is against the law to abuse a child. Some parents lose control and spank harder than they intended.

Take the time to change your child’s attention. This will watch him to deal with problems in a calm, consistent way.

—- from First5 Advice for New Parents

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