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3 to 5 Years Continuing to Learn

Many parents wonder if it is time to start teaching their children the basics of reading and writing at this age. Some children who are ready to learn these basics will know some simple words. But there is no need to push your child. It is important…


Good Habits for 2 to 3 years Toddler

Good Dental Habits Good dental habits are important, beginning as soon as your baby has teeth to brush. Nearly 60% of children get their first cavity by age 3. Many parents think this does not matter because children lose their baby teeth anyway. Dentists do not agree. …

Introducing Solid Foods

After turning six months old, your baby will be ready to try solid foods. Your doctor can help you decide when the time is right. Do not rush this too quickly. Your baby must be able to swallow the foods or he can easily choke. One sign…

Breastfeeding Tips

Do NOT worry if breastfeeding is not easy at first. Give it a chance. Both you and your baby have to learn how to do it. It is easiest to nurse if you can do so in a comfortable position where you are as relaxed as possible….

1 to 2 Years Toddler Milestones

Many wonderful changes happen to your child during these months. There is a lot of metal and physical growth. While all toddlers develop at different rates, these are some key milestones you can expect: 12 to 18 months Uses 10 or more words. Follows simple directions: “Pick…

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